new armour

by New Armour

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released August 20, 2013

recorded, mixed and mastered by peter andrews




New Armour Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Why are you the way that you are?
i've been biting my tongue for far too long
well, the jig is up, now i'm bleeding through my teeth

my big mouth loves to give absolute advice
held in high praise by one and only

nobody means anything they say
not that anything matters anyway

don't tell a soul of the things you know
they don't deserve stolen knowledge

forget about today, i'm dressed for tomorrow
this new armour covers old gaping wounds
my new armour protects me
Track Name: The temple is the key
as i fit these pieces together
there is just one thing missing
the keystone
my foundation
core to it all
this hole keeps getting bigger

no matter what i do
no matter where i am
all i know is
you are my home

secret treasures hidden from view
help to get us through
now let's throw it all to the wolves
they can have it
they can have it all

grab my hand
my faith can
move mountains
let's leave them in our dust

this town eats
preys on us
let's leave it
in our dust
Track Name: Easy chair
there can't be shades of grey
or varying degrees to a promise
you can't be shocked by trust
that's taken for granted

what have they done for you lately
who has earned your highest favour
why must you smother your subjects
possession is a dangerous weapon

fallen star, were you beat by a lucky sun?
cross em out
shrug it out
and move on

her love is fading
old flames have burnt out
did they ever spark to start with?

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