new armour

by New Armour



released April 25, 2014




New Armour Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: sunflower river
it might be sadistic to take such pleasure in burning bridges
but there it is
who knew i'd come home enforced to cut cords
it's fine, i'm done
there's nothing or no one i won't throw under the bus
i have no photo or proof of you and me

i could be lying about my memories
if i close my eyes
and grind my teeth hard enough
i could forget why i'm angry
but suppress you in the process
you will live on in the hearts of others
they're far blacker than mine
take your punishment the way god intended
i feel so estranged from you

the right songs
all the right wrong bad ideas
you're a record holder

you held out the longest
who knew i'd be the one to feel spent
i don't know if you know
but my hands are keys
and where they can lead me you would never believe
i don't want you to go
but i need you to leave
Track Name: in the pines
queen of misplaced anger
king of the fake farewell
i see myself in you, though i can't bear to live through you
surrounding cities still don't do you justice
kudos for your enthusiasm

honesty and passion have fled and these new circumstances have reaped poor consequences
no use in chasing imaginary goals
a contorted inner dialogue and an aversion to solitude
revel in the complexity

"Passion is a cold collective and will soon stretch thin. Everything I've taken for granted is filed away, so let these strings unravel on their own"
Track Name: poinciana
attention all
men, women
friends of friends

call it what you will
we've all committed incest
invest in lifelong abstinence
love is so political
we're branded


do you seek council?
all promises are threats
we will all be punished
i just call it as i see it
Track Name: vereor nox
your paranoia might kill you
if it don't then yours and mine combined will do us both in

and i need you to stay alive to watch me die
unlocked doors lead to burned down homes

blood full of contempt and malice
my sight is biased
may the light blind me
i am afraid of the ten feet always in front of me

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